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We want you to have the ability to protect yourself, and your loved ones. When you buy a Cyelee Optics product you become part of our family, and we take care of ours!

If you aren't happy, then we won't be either!

CAT X PRO - Best in Class

Our 7075-T6 unibody optic, features an innovative taper for easy slide operation. Utilizing lockout for professional users... Why settle for second-tier dot clarity with the rest of the pack?

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Wolf X PRO - Ruggedly Reliable

Our Multi-Reticle workhorse 7075-T6 bodied optic, lean and mean. With all the goodies you expect from our X PRO series optics, featuring extra brightness levels, side loading battery and shatter resistant glass.

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True Competition & Duty Pistol Red Dot - BULL X PRO

The first of it's kind for performance on first & follow up shots. Made rugged and successfully drop tested this one of a kind optic stands top of the line for best performance in a competition or in the field.

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  • "I’ve dropped my wolf0 so much it probably has dementia and never re zeroed"


  • "I have used the calf red dot also made by cyelee in rain, snow,-30 below and 100 degree heat for over 10,000 rounds it has had a crack in the window for about the last 3,000 and still works perfectly."


  • "If this will work with your setup, it is highly accurate! I have ran 750-1000 rounds through and it has stayed zeroed. I have intentionally been rough on this scope and am not disappointed. You will not regret this purchase."

    Jerry W

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Our Pledge

Precision Quality Assurance

Every Cyelee red dot sight goes through a rigorous quality control process via numerous simulated cycles of recoil on our testing rigs.


If you have an issue with your optic, talk to us about an RMA, send it back, and we will replace it with a brand-new product.


By selling optics products directly to customers, we can offer you quality products without extra fees, unlike other brands.


Here at Cyelee, it is our personal need and goal to make sure every customer is satisfied. If you aren't happy, then we won't be either!