Warranty Information


We offer returns for a full refund on the price of the purchased item within 30 days of the tracking being updated as delivered.(This does not include buyers using Paypal, who are subject to Paypal's nonrefundable fee subtracted from the refund.)


All our products come with a 3-year warranty against any failures arising from manufacturer defects. This warranty is provided to all original owners.


  • To complete your return or get warranty support, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. We can also look up this information based on your name or order number for website orders.
  • Warranty procedure is that all optics that are¬†eligible for warranty repair or replacement must be shipped to us first. Within 5 business days, your new or repaired item will be in progress to be shipped to you. Processing times are the same as website orders once we¬†begin the shipping process.
  • The warranty replacement is¬†warrantied against defects or failures from defects for a period of 3 years of the purchase date of the original item.
  • Any and all replacements are warrantied from the original date of purchase on the¬†receipt
  • We may choose to provide warranty and support services to used or¬†second-hand purchased items with a valid receipt at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to deny¬†
  • We may choose to replace items broken via physical damage, drops, accidents, acts of god, or for any reason not due to a manufacturing defect, but they are not covered by warranty and expressly not covered. Whether broken items are caused due to manufacturing defects is determined by Cyelee Optics at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to deny replacements due to physical damage, drops, accidents, acts of god, or for any reason not due to manufacturing defects including normal wear and tear.
  • If we determine abuse of our warranty or services at our sole discretion, intentional, negligent, or otherwise, we may choose to offer a return of your item and issue a refund upon¬†receipt and completion of processing of your item, this is at our sole discretion.
  • If we determine abuse of our warranty or services at our sole discretion, intentional, negligent, or otherwise, we may issue you a notice of termination of eligibility of warranty or support services.
  • Discontinued items when replaced with the same model may not be new, but may be items we deem in "good working" condition at our sole discretion.


Cyelee Drop Coverage

  • Cyelee Optics has the sole discretion to decide if we want to replace your dropped item. We may deny a replacement request for a dropped item for any reason.
  • In an effort to provide some relief to customers who have¬†accidentally dropped their items, Cyelee Optics has decided to initiate an effort to replace dropped and damaged items for customers. We may decide to end this¬†initiative at any time, and¬†determine if an item will be replaced at our sole discretion, we are under no obligation to replace your dropped or damaged items.
  • At our sole discretion we will determine what is the appropriate item to replace your dropped item with. We may decide to replace your dropped and damaged item with a tested¬†open-box item.
  • It is always the responsibility of the customer to send back their dropped or damaged item to us.



    • We¬†promise to pay for the costs of¬†warranty shipping(within USA) to you, only for defects. Customers are responsible for shipping all items to us.
    • If we are unable to find defect with your item it may be replaced with an open box item we have tested and deemed to be in good working condition.
    • For items we are able to diagnose but not fix we will replace with a sealed and brand new unit.
    • You are¬†responsible for the cost of shipping non-warranty, such as for refund returns, both ways, including any original shipping costs, this will be deducted from any refunds.



    • Once your return is received and inspected, you will be refunded per our refund policy within¬†72 hours.


    Late or missing refunds

    • If you haven‚Äôt received a refund, please contact your financial institution, then contact us.


    • We generally do not allow exchanges but may approve requests or deny them at our discretion. All upgrades, including any action that changes the model (including dot color) regardless¬†of price difference, are considered an upgrade.


    • If your item is discontinued or otherwise unable to be replaced we will replace it at our discretion with what we deem is an¬†appropriate replacement.
    • Any exchange for any reason that changes the model (including dot color) regardless of any price difference, or whether the optic was sent in for a warranty replacement is considered¬†an upgrade and subject to the same terms.
    • The upgrade/exchange replacement item may be a tested unit in open-box condition without defects, as well as all future replacements or warranty replacements
    • It is your responsibility to keep any and all documentation of model change of item we instruct in order to¬†receive future warranty care

    Your satisfaction is our #1 priority

    If you‚Äôre dissatisfied with your purchase, please¬†contact us at¬†support@cyeleeoptics.com.¬†‚Äď Our goal is to make you you get the best service possible.