Keeping Zero

This is a checklist to solve easy-to-fix issues, please read each part carefully

Please use the screws in the *attached picture* with the thick neck
Please only use screws provided by Cyelee Optics. let us know if you need another spec.


#1 - We do not know your level of experience, if you are a beginner or this is your first optic let us know.

#2 - Zero at 25 yards or reasonably farther past that, your red dot will not work properly zeroed at 15 yards or 10 yards or 5 yards. Your optic needs to be zeroed at a minimum of 25 yards, period.

#3 - Do not under any circumstance slave red dots to iron sights, or use the position of iron sights to align the red dot or judge loss of zero, these methods are inaccurate.

#4 - Check for light passing through under your optic with a flashlight on the opposite side or the optic being in any way loose.

#5 - If you have a laser bore sight, load it up at 25 yards, and without removing it or actuating the slide/barrel, physically try to rotate, tap with rubber mallet(optic is covered for accidental damage) the optic. Note if your red dot is moving both during the test or if it has moved afterward.

If you do not have a laser bore sight we recommend getting one, please note they will shift position if removed/replaced,

#6 - Your optic needs to be installed with 242 loctite on the screws to at least 15lb-inches torque. It just needs 1 drop of loctite but needs an hour to cure.

#7 - If you change ammunition from the one you zeroed with, you will have minor changes in zero, please account for this. Please use a bench rest when firing to check the zero to ensure there is no movement, even minor movements when pulling the trigger can cause shift in point of impact.

Please go through this checklist as this will solve many issues with zeroing that a replacement may not.


Additional resources for zeroing optics are below





If you are still having issues please let us know the following using the contact form below.

Model of optic -

Model of your pistol -

Is the change in zero up/down, left/right or both -

How many inches is the shift(ex. 'my bullets hit 4 inch high and 6 inches to the right at 25 yards') and what yards are you shooting at -

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