Help With Getting Your Optic Zeroed


Rotating your optic adjustment in the direction of "UP" moves the dot DOWN.

Rotating your optic adjustment in the direction of "R/RIGHT" moves the dot LEFT.

UP/RIGHT means movement to Point of Impact(POI), or where the bullet hit's it moves OPPOSITE the direction of where your dot hits...

This is an INDUSTRY WIDE STANDARD and all optic devices use this system.

If your optic is the CAT, CAT PRO, or WOLF PRO, you MUST use the small flathead on the long tip of the flathead wrench, pictured below.

Want assistance zeroing your optic

#1. Zero at 25 yards or reasonably farther past that, your red dot will not work properly zeroed at 15 yards or 10 yards or 5 yards. Your optic needs to be zeroed at a minimum of 25 yards, period.

#2. If your optic runs out of adjustment on your pistol, try it on a different pistol or remove it and reinstall it.

#3 - Do not under any circumstance slave red dots to iron sights, or use the position of iron sights to align the red dot or judge loss of zero, these methods are inaccurate.

#4 - Check for light passing through under your optic with a flashlight on the opposite side or the optic being in any way loose.

#5 - Your optic needs to be installed with 242 loctite on the screws to at least 15lb-inches torque. It just needs 1 drop of loctite but needs an hour to cure.

#6 - If you change ammunition from the one you zeroed with, you will have minor changes in zero, please account for this. Please use a bench rest when firing to check the zero to ensure there is no movement, even minor movements when pulling the trigger can cause shift in point of impact.

For Click MOA optics, that have tactile clicking sounds and feeling when adjusting, 1 click = 1 MOA or 1 inch at 100 yars(1/2" at 50 yards, 1/4" at 25 yards etc.)

For Infinite MOA Sub-Half MOA adjustment optics, each mark around your adjustment represents ~6 MOA difference


If you have further issues or questions please contact us using the below form and let us know your optic model and pistol model.


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