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3MOA Shake Awake Red Dot Sight for Pistol-Calf X1

3MOA Shake Awake Red Dot Sight for Pistol-Calf X1

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The CALF Series proves that entry-level optics don’t have to be poor quality optics. Unlike some other brands, we don’t use the word “value” as a euphemism for “junk”. Classic Series red dots are perfect for the budget conscious and the new shooter. We take the time to 100% inspect every product in our facility to ensure you are receiving the best quality product.

The Mini Reflex Sight is optimized for full size carry pistols or competition guns as it features a large 27x17mm lens allowing for a quick and easy sight picture. It features MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination),the Red Dot will activate when the required movement force is recognized, and the red dot will turn off automatically when left static for 5 minutes. If, you are looking for a new red dot for carry, competition, or even your rifle, you can't go wrong with the CALF X1.


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    Every Cyelee product goes through a rigorous shockproof test process by us. Each product you receive has undergone…


    Constructed from a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum, which will not bend, break, or crack under pressure.


    The Cyelee High Density (HD) glass delivers 99.5% light transmission for enhanced clarity and optimal sight picture.


    Incorporating proprietary fully multi-coated lenses, all Cyelee optics feature low light enhancement, and anti-reflective.

    Vortex red dot sight

    Vortex Viper/Doctor Footprint

    1. Cyelee CALF X1 is a 3 MOA Red Dot designed to fit any pistol with a PISTOL that is compatible with Burris Fastfire / Vortex Viper /Docter footprint red dots.

    2. The CALF X1 fits all pistol with optic cuts for Burris Fastfire / Vortex Viper /Docter including aftermarket slide such as Rockslides, Polymer80 that has a optic cut for Vortex Viper.

    3.CALF X1 also fits name brand pistol manufacturer made Optics Ready pistols, such as Glock MOS, S&W M&P 2.0 OP, CZ P10F/10C optics ready, Springfield XD/XDM/XDS OSP, Canik TP9 SFX/Combat, FN 509/45 Tactical, Shadow Systems MR 920 using pistol manufacturer provided plate marked for Vortex Viper footprint.

    shake awake red dot sight

    Shake Awake Red Dot

    Cyelee CALF X1 reflex sights are made with Vortex Viper/Doctor interface. It features our MOTAC (Motion Activated Illumination) which increases battery life by shutting down the system when not in use and instantly activates the system when it senses the slightest vibration or movement. Your sight will be up when you go into action. This will make you shoot faster when you meet danger.

    vortex red dot sight

    Quick & Rebliab to Use

    Quick and easy to zero the sight. Reduces wasted ammo compared to sights with continuous adjustment.

    Change battery without reattaching and rezeroing your red dot.

    venom red dot sight

    Maximum Dot Visibility

    1. Crisp 3 MOA red dot and parallax free allows for accurate shooting on your pistol

    2. 10 red dot brightness settings provide optimal visibility in daylight. The lowest setting is not visible by the human eye, it can only be seen through a Night Vision device.

    3. 4000H battery life at middle setting.

    venom red dot sight

    Ultra rugged and Easy to Use

    1. Ultra rugged and compact, machined from 6061 aluminum, one-piece aluminum structure, shockproof

    2. Two side button. It is very easy to turn on and adjust the brightness.

    3. Easy-to-zero and passed the 1000 Rounds without losing it. Take 9mm, 45ACP, 12GA and Lapua Magnum 338 Recoil

    3 Years Warranty&Easy Return

     If your Cyelee product becomes defective, broken, or is no longer working we will get it repaired or replaced. It's that simple.

    venom red dot sight

    More Details

    Objective Clear Aperture: 30mm

    Illumination Settings: 8 for daytime and 2 for nighttime

    Windage & Elevation Adjustment Range: +/- 40 MOA

    Reticle: 3 Red Dot; Parallax: <=2'

    Battery: 1 x CR1632 Up to 4000 hours

    Operating temperature: -10°C to +60°C

    IPX6 Water resistant

    Mount Type: Vortex Viper/Doctor/ Burris fastfire 3