Glocks can sometimes be a pain in the rear!

Top 5 Best Glocks That Are Not Glocks


Many gun owners work with a gunsmith to modify their Glock pistol's ergonomics, trigger system, barrel, or sights for various purposes. The greatest Glock replicas are often handguns with competitive-level features or ones that are an economical alternative to a Glock.

If you intend to carry for self-defense or participate in competition shooting, you should also seek for a Glock clone that is compatible with Glock handguns.


1. PSA Dagger

PSA Dagger, the #1 Best Glock that is NOT a Glock!


In 2020, Palmetto State Armory made a major entry into the Glock clone market.
Essentially, this is the Glock G19 Gen 3, but it has been enhanced and tweaked from the regular Glock. Its small size makes it ideal for both home defense and covert carry. The slide features rounded corners for more comfortable concealment, while the body has a robust grip construction that is more than aggressive in grip texture.
PSA also added a cut under the trigger guard, a more aggressive dovetail, and a large ducktail to the Glock to improve ergonomics. All of this was accomplished with a handgun that costs under $300! A cheap alternative to the Glock that is crammed with functionality is available with the PSA Dagger. The major drawback is that PSA appears to be perpetually sold out of these handguns; as a result, it will take some time before they are widely available.


2. Polymer 80 Frames

Polymer 80, the Second Best Glock that is NOT a Glock


With its Glock 80% frames, Polymer 80 created waves in the lower 80% market. And utilizing the well-known P80 Glock frames, the business created a successful full pistol out of it. The handle structure also feels extremely aggressive with a scalloped magazine release to facilitate easy activation. The frame also follows the same grip angle as the 1911, with a slightly straighter design. It's a personal preference, but many prefer a more "American" angle to their pistols. (I'm one of them.)
Under federal law, a receiver or frame is a regulated part (ie, a legal firearm). Incomplete receivers or frames, also known as blanks or 80% lower, are not regulated as firearms. You can buy a blank online and have it shipped directly to your private residence — no FFL required(ONLY in states where it is legal, please check your local laws).You may purchase a blank receiver and perform the necessary machining on your own if you wish to create your own firearm.
If you don't want to construct your own Glock replica, Polymer80 also sells finished handguns. The 9mm P80 PFS9 and PFC9 are available in full-size and compact versions, and they may be ordered with either 10-round magazines for confined situations or normal 15- and 17-round Glock magazines.


3. Faxon FX-19 HellFire Compact Pistol

Faxon Firearms has done quite a lot with its firearms since starting in the modification and aftermarket business. It has a selection of AR-15s and now these Glock-based pistols.
This is not a Glock, this is a Faxon PF90C frame with a 1911 style grip, beavertail safety, match-grade barrel, fiber optic night sight and more. It's optic-ready, no aftermarket cuts are needed, and the new grip goes way beyond a custom stipple job. This is a really new 9mm pistol, than a custom Glock job.

The FX-19 HellFire handgun has an embossed slide that has been heavily altered. These modifications help shooting by cutting weight and therefore recoil. You have a selection of suppressor height sights to support the optics, which combined make it a reliable backup. The threaded barrel for compensators or silencers should not be overlooked. The Overwatch Precision trigger, which guarantees a light and smooth pull, adds to the features. The FX-19 addresses the need for a ready-to-go customized Glock clone. When Faxon can handle things for you, why would you ever need to play amateur gunsmith or build yourself?


4. Rock Island Armory STK100


The STK100 offers a number of features that set it apart from similar products. It has a trimmed aluminum alloy body, a grip with a 1911-style texture, an expanded beaver tail, a stainless steel guide rod, a slide with a lightened front saw, an optics-ready slide, and a front sight in the Glock fashion.
The back is the one aspect about which I'm undecided. Although the broad, square notch and low profile serrated rear sight are features I appreciate, the fact that the rear sight is tied to the optic mounting plate means that you lose it when mounting the optic. The scope and plate must be separate components, in my opinion.

When I got my hands on the gun, my worries disappeared. Of course, there is a seam, but the two parts fit together perfectly and the seam is barely noticeable. The sides of the handle are quite square and grippy without being too aggressive, while the front and back straps have very nice and comfortable serrations that fit perfectly. And the 1911-style grip is what dreams are made of. Over the STK100 is the perfect pistol for somebody who wants a hybrid polymer/metal Glock for cheap, with pistol cuts, and oozing class.


5. Shadow Systems MR920


A Glock 19 clone that is capable of competing and is compatible with optics is the Shadow Systems MR920. For improved grip, the front, rear, and sides of the frame have aggressive texturing. Additionally, the backstraps are removable, enabling you to customize the grip's angle to your tastes. The MR920 is fortunately compatible with Glock 19 holsters. Shadow Systems offers its own patent-pending optics-mounting system, which it characterizes as the 'strongest connect system in the industry' if you're interested in that. Two textured panels that the manufacturer refers to as recoil control ledges are on the frame ahead and above the trigger. A grip with the thumbs facing forward gives you more control over the weapon.

The flat-faced aluminum trigger offers a mild trigger pull of ~4.5 lb, which is roughly a pound less than the typical Glock. The spiral-fluted match barrel is one of the MR920's most notable distinctions from a standard Glock handgun. For a competition pistol, the stainless-steel barrel is the ideal improvement since it improves accuracy and corrosion resistance.


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